HBSwiss Review - Is It A Scam?

Switzerland is often associated with top quality products, and for good reason – their watches are top notch! So how about software? Well, that is equally as good of course. Hans Berger brings us the new HBSwiss forex trading system. Although new, it has been through very thorough testing before being brought to the market. So, is this system Swiss quality?

HBSwiss Details

Robot Name HBSwiss
Support Options Email, Live Chat
Success Rate 87%
Free Demo Open Free Demo Account
Deposit and Withdrawal Credit and Debit Card, Skrill, MoneyBookers, NEO Surf, AliPay, eMoney and Bank Transfer

The Creator

Hans Berger is the creator of HBSwiss and it is clear a lot of his knowledge has been poured into this system. He, naturally, hails from Switzerland and is an expert in finance and technology. With experience leading teams at the top investment banks, Hans Berger wanted to put his skills to good use and create an automated trading system. He enlisted an old friend, Bastian Hermann, who is skilled in quantum computing and works at CERN, to help him with this task.

Hans Berger

HB Swiss – The Software

Hermann, along with an extensive team of developers, created quantum computing models which form the base of the software. Using these, the team worked to optimise the software to create a truely automatic trading system capable of significant profits.

Quantum computing is all about speed, and when you are working with markets this is key. Combining quantum computing with sophisticated algorithms has resulted in a lightning fast system that has the key for success. All of this combined makes the success rate and accuracy second to none.

Customer Service

Spaces on the HBSwiss system are limited and this is for a good reason – providing excellent customer service. Hans Berger has a great team of qualified support personnel that are on hand to help in any way they can via live chat or email 24/7.

HBSwiss – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

During our review, we were able to see how professional HBSwiss is and how experienced the people are behind it. There are no outlandish claims of becoming a millionaire within minutes, but the claims of being able to generate about €5,000 a day were definitely met with ease. The system is totally automated, so for new and experienced traders alike there really is no barrier here.

The daily profits have been verified by existing HBSwiss clients and confirmed by third parties, so you can be sure this is not a scam system.

HBSwiss only works with some of the best brokers out there, and they, in turn, only work with the best systems – further cementing HBSwiss’ foothold in the market. Hans has worked hard to create a safe and secure environment and it should be noted that all users are verified before signing up.

Our Verdict: HBSwiss is NOT a Scam!

Getting Started

It is important to remember that HBSwiss has limited sign ups per day. Hans Berger wanted to ensure a safe and secure system, along with being able to provide the highest quality service. There are only ten spots available per day, so if you are lucky you are in for a great experience.

Step 1
Sign Up For FREE
The reason HBSwiss is free is that Hans Berger is looking to crowdfund via Kickstarter as well as planning an IPO. The results created by current users will back up his claims and provide great interest to potential investors.
Step 2
Initial Investment
To fund your account, you need to deposit €250. Remember, this is not a fee to use HBSwiss, but capital to begin trading!
Step 3
Start Autopilot!
Set the software running and sit back and relax. There are settings to adjust if you wish, but the default ones should work just fine.


HBSwiss is certainly a newcomer to the trading scene, but it is by no means a system to be ignored. Backed by some very credible, and experienced, people as well as cutting edge technology, it really is clear to see HBSwiss will be going places.

Its Swiss quality shines through and the profitability has been verified. We highly recommend this software.

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