Trading With John - Is It A Scam?

In this review we will investigate the Trading With John binary options system and see where it stacks up against the competition. The website provides a great first impression and is very informative, quickly providing all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Trading With John Details

Robot Name Trading With John
Support Options Email, Live Chat, Phone
Success Rate 88%
Free Demo Open Free Demo Account
Deposit and Withdrawal Credit and Debit cards, Wire Transfer, Skrill, CashU, Neteller

The Creator

John Miller, hence the name Trading With John, is the creator of this system. It is always reassuring to see the creator put their face, and name, to their systems. Unlike many other binary options robot owners, he does not boast and brag about his past and how he is living a luxury lifestyle. He is, in fact, rather modest and this is very refreshing.

He had an interest in binary options trading and quickly put his expertise in software programming to good use by creating his system. This, again, is great reassurance as he has built the software by hand.

The Software

John Miller’s software works on a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the success probability of a particular trade. It does this by analysing multiple sources and as such the signals are extremely accurate. These signals are presented in the interface and suggest which way you should place your trade. Simply follow the suggestions and wait for the trade to expire (and for the profit).

It is great to see John Miller provide conservative claims on returns for his software. Unlike various scams that are out there, he claims a success rate of 80%. This is a solid figure which will provide great returns, with no risk of Trading With John being a scam. This success rate is in line with some of the top robots in the industry and you can easily make four figure profits every week following the trade signals.

Customer Service

Live chat and email customer service is available 24/7 for any questions you may have. In our review, customer service was exceptionally professional and also very friendly. This is great for new and experienced traders alike.

Trading With John – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

All of the above facts uncovered in our investigation go towards showing that Trading With John is indeed a legitimate binary options robot. Also of note is that the website is secured with ssl encryption. This is very important as in general binary options robots run in your browser, so safety and security are of utmost importance – protection of funds is absolutely vital!

The brokers in use are very reputable which is also a great sign of trust that this software does what it says. It also adds simple deposit and withdrawal options directly to and from the brokers and these will be backed by the broker’s own security features. Two layers of security and

Two layers of security, top notch customer service and more make Trading With John a safe robot to use and proves it is not a scam.

Our Verdict: Trading With John is NOT a scam

Getting Started

Getting started with this software is incredibly simple. It is important to note that, as with any good binary options robot, the software itself is free. The initial deposit is capital which you will be trading with. You are of course free to send a donation to John Miller for his services, though there is no pressure or hard sell to do so.

To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1
Sign Up For FREE
Register for a free account by filling in the registration form
Step 2
Initial Investment
Add capital via the broker using your choice of deposit method – remember this is not a payment for the robot, it is capital for you to invest!
Step 3
Trade and Profit
Start trading following the signals!


Trading With John is a great binary options robot which provides an easy to use interface that goes hand in hand with excellent customer support. It is reassuring to note that the software itself is free and John Miller is so confident that you will generate significant profits that all he asks for is a totally optional donation.

The fact reputable brokers are used and everything is securely encrypted just reinforces the fact that this software can be trusted.

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